Producer: Tone P
Album: Ambition
Label: MMG/Warner Bros.

While Wale was enjoying renewed success as Maybach's poetic-in-residence in 2011 with the release of Self Made Vol. 1, there was a concern the D.C. rapper would, yes, forget his roots. That notion was silenced with "Bait," his go-go track for the ladies that doubles as a celebration of his city. Wale shouts out several prominent people and places over Tone P's infectious melody, but not before getting back to the theme of the record. "Girl stop being fallacious, this Mercedes is spacious/Black and white through the city, guess this is gentrification." This can be a mean strip club anthem on the right night. Wale would lock in a record just like that a few years later with "Clappers." Edwin Ortiz