It's got to be pretty good to be UFO! these days. His co-signs are fairly next level. He's one of the most seasoned guys in the U.S. bass music scene and has a resume most producers shed sadboi tears over. So what does he do when drops new music though? Just basically shit on everyone with some of the most creative and hype tunes out of most anyone currently out there. "JERK ON THE BLOCK" continues this recent tradition with a 100BPM monster that's basically like nothing else dropping right now. Hype as fuck and layered with so many ideas and changes that you need to check your pulse if you get bored at any point in time with this joint. And of course he continues to feed the free download junkies out there. Dude goes beastmode yet again and you've hit the snooze bar one too many times if you're not up on his insane output.