What is it about our obsession with ripping the proverbial roof off of whatever party we're in? Can't we turn the fuck up without having to damage the building? Fix up, people. In any case, this cut from Alesso's been tagged as "coming soon," so many of you who have been waiting for this bit to drop should be happy. It was his intro cut during his 2014 Ultra Music Festival set, and for good reason: it's built like any solid EDM track should be. Oddly enough, I actually like the build-ups and breakdowns in this much more than the actual meat of the track. Maybe that isn't odd; I find myself gravitating to how people got there much more than what they did when they got there. Kind of indicative of the current state of EDM, no?

This single is the first under Alesso's new deal with Def Jam / Virgin EMI. Zane Lowe actually got the premiere on this one, calling it a "future exclusive." It's an interesting move (Afrojack's run must've been great for Def Jam), and definitely let's us know that Def Jam is trying to make that move.