If you've followed my posts over the course of the last several months in regards to twerk/100 BPM music, you've probably caught the drift that I'm incredibly bored and frustrated. It's such a naturally fun tempo of music and the movement is overrun by predictable bootlegs and basically zero motivation to create anything "new." Thank fucking gawd for Saint, though. His recent onslaught of amazing productions incorporating original vocal contributions continues with "Saki Bomb," featuring an insane feature from Cakes Da Killa. Both versions of the tune here are epic in their own ways with the original being on some more psychotic rap shit and the remix amping up the party appeal. Saint is basically just busting right through the front door, middle fingers up and owning every aspect of this 100 BPM shit. "A basic bitch can't even live up to a URL, you play the back I play the front bumping Blu Cantrell." So freaking ill.