deadmau5's Coffee Run series has been one of the better things to happen to unfiltered dance music producer speak. Something about a couple of dope personalities getting into a car to talk all kinds of everything on the way to Tim Horton's is always fun, but a 90-minute convo featuring deadmau5, Dillon Francisand Skrillex?! Best thing you'll see this weekend. You have to love how a guy walks by saying "is that who I think it is?" and Dillon Francis points to deadmau5 and is all "yup, Bob Saget." Epic. They discuss everything from turning up and gambling, amongst other things. Around the 61 minute mark, Skrillex has deadmau5 turn on the Kill The Noise remix of Noisia's "Diplodocus," and all three of them start to rock out. So amazing.