I turned my nose up at Snootie Wild's "Yayo" for being a dumbed-down Kevin Gates single, and K-Camp's "Cut Her Off" for being kind of creepy, but both ended up taking off and becoming massive singles anyway. Somehow, my silent protest went unrecognized. Consider this as penance, or an attempt to mention two birds with one stone. Both artists have somewhat undefined personalities on-record. This isn't an unheard-of phenomenon in the music industry right now, especially in Atlanta, where stepping into a strip club comes with a record deal. But K-Camp's anonymity hides a certain consistency, at least, which suggests that there may be a talented hitmaker behind the curtain. 

Snootie, on the other hand, is from Memphis, and needs another hit to prove he can sustain past the now-undeniable "Yayo." This song doesn't have much in the way of momentum behind it at the moment—consider it my vote for a follow-up single from two of the genre's most successful rookies. The beat feels like a less frightening version of DGainz's beat for King Louie's "Money Dance," what with all those interlocking bells and hooting noises and Snootie Wild's echoing vocals. 

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