Amanda Seales, formerly known as Amanda Diva, is taking on a new title: Killandra Bea. Killandra is not a full-on title alteration, but a role she has taken on as she and composer Kris Bowers focus Enter The Wu: 36 Chambers through the lens of jazz. In celebration of the 20th anniversary of The Wu-Tang's debut album the duo, known as Mo Betta' Wu, has decided to perform the hits from the landmark album while blending theatrics, jazz elements, humor, and now legendary Wu-isms into what will be an unforgettable presentation. 

In our sit down with Mo Betta' Wu, they discuss how the jazz-inspired tribute came about, what they learned from digging through the 36 Chambers, and how they managed to narrow down which joints to perform from the Wu-Tang's impressive project. Peep the video above for the full interview with Mo Betta' Wu.

You can catch Mo Betta' Wu performing live at New York's (le) poisson rouge on Thursday April 10th, at 7PM. You can buy tickets here.

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