Ever wondered what a street-certified lyricist like YG enjoys as a nice meal on a warm Cali day? Nardwuar the Human Serviette got the Compton rapper to talk about that and more in their interview that took place at SXSW in Austin, Texas last week. For the record, YG is a sucker for Tam's Burgers on Rosecrans, a spot he raps about on his song "Bompton." 

Along with his favorite eats and getting into rap, YG also touched on the more serious topic of gang banging in Los Angeles, a topic he knows about firsthand. The 24-year-old rapper describes the scene at Compton Fashion Center, where beef between gangs happen on the regular. "It can be dangerous at times 'cause you got the Pirus on one side. Then you got the Compton Crips on the other side. So When you go up in there, it can get ugly," he says. "I done been up in there a couple times, and I almost got into some stuff. And the homie went up in there, he got shot up outside."

Watch the full clip above, where YG also talks about how a mother of a friend got his jail sentence reduced a few years back. His album My Krazy Life is available on iTunes.

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