Rihanna has won a multi-million dollar settlement against her former accountants. The singer is reportedly signing a $10 million settlement from accountant Peter Gounis and the firm Berdon LLP, who incorrectly advised her to buy a $7 million home in 2009. 

“The defendants advised Ms. Fenty by e-mail that purchasing a home in Los Angeles ‘would be a good investment’ despite knowing Ms. Fenty was experiencing financial difficulties,” said Rihanna’s lawyer Edward Estrada. Rihanna apparently could not afford the home and her accountants did not forewarn her. In addition to being a bad financial purchase, Rihanna's lawyers claim that the accountants knew that the house was "rotting from water and mold damage" and would require millions in improvements.

In legal docs, Rihanna claimed that her accountants' mismanagement caused her to go "effectively bankrupt" by the end of 2009.

[via Page Six]

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