If thinking that moombahton in DC is still all about that now familiar story of Dave Nada inventing music at a skip party in the suburbs and playing monthly sets at U Street Music Hall's Moombahton Massive, well, you'd have half of the story correct. The other half of the story is the sound's progression in the Nation's Capital, as Dave Nada is now a resident of Los Angeles, and moombahton's local-to-global growth is now in the hands of a rising and talented group of emerging Latino producers. Of that group, DJ/producers Knightcrawler and Heavy D combine forces as LocoMotive, and for the past two years have excelled at maintaining the Latin vibe in moombahton, as well as distinguishing themselves as overall solid tunesmiths, regardless of tempo. For Do Androids Dance, Locomotive present their latest, the Dos Borrachos EP. Three tracks long, the EP represents the best of "classic" moombahton style. "Con Ganas" features Phoenix, Arizona's DJ Melo and feels like a trapped out moombahton anthem that could bring OG Mexican rapper Kid Frost back to relevance. "Caliente" retains the dembow influence, and "Me Estaban Esperando" is indeed everything we were waiting for, a meld of tempo and groove that feels best suited for big room or festival play. I had the opportunity to get the duo to answer a few questions as well regarding moombahton, their relationship with the sound and, as well, their development as producers.

What were you two doing as DJs and producers prior to the development of the moombahton movement in DC?
To be honest, all jokes aside, we were getting drunk and listening to music, and when we mean music we mean all types of music (we don't discriminate we love it all).

What track opened your eyes the most to how Locomotive could find creative space to thrive as moombahton producers?
Truthfully it was not a song it was a video uploaded by DJ Sabo on Youtube; after we saw this we realized what we fell in love with! Something simple yet so complex and sexy!

What's more important to you as young producers? Tempo or style/vibe? On one level I feel as though tempo is where the cool points are these days, but as well, if you can capture a vibe and discover a style, that's where the longevity is. Thoughts?
The most important thing is quality, plain and simple; nothing else, nothing more. We learned that the hard way! As for tempo/style, I'll put it to you like this: tempo/style is like sex: anyone can do it but that does not mean its gonna be awesome! You have to have the perfect chemistry to get the greatest nut of your life - I mean to get the greatest track of your life! But seriously you have to find your own style, create your own path, and definitely let no mofo put you down because we were born in this world to die one day so why should someone's opinion even matter! Positivity is key, if you believe in yourself then your wildest dreams will come true no matter what anyone says!!

Who among your fellow class of young producers have you collaborated with and really feel as though they're going to be something special, too?
For starter everyone knows the first person we gonna mention is our good alcoholic friend Happy Colors, I don't care what anyone says he looked out for us and is one of the most humble people you can meet, that Alcoholic Mangu Eating 80s Hair Style Dominican Prick! Also we can't forget about the guy that brought us to moombahton DJ MADD OD, we have so much respect for him!! and Also our local homies Danny Gee & Skeem & DJR. Someone we wanna collaborate with is Nadastrom, IamKrumm, Ricky Vaughn, Dale Play, Noizekid, Sango, & many more just to name a few!

Especially related to moombahton, the maintenance of the Latin spirit of the sound I feel really separates your work. Thus, I must ask, who is your favorite Fania Records artist that you have sampled?
Truthfully, Celia Cruz. Our moombahton remix to "La Negra Tiene Tumbao" hit so hard in the Latin American culture, and we are so grateful for it! I'm not going to lie to y'all C-los started that track to show off with his mother that he can remix anything because she would be sarcastic about his music production and when we did this and the results and feedback we got was incredible!!!

Who are five artists (currently producing tracks or performers/producers from the past) that someone could listen to and really get a sense of who and what inspires Locomotive?
There's more than five, I'm sorry but we gonna name em all!!!! Munchi, Heartbreak, Sazon Booya, Kingman Fire (Melo & Pickster), Madd OD, JWLS, Zucco, D-V3KZ, Gent & Jawns, Babysteps, Javier Estrada, Dos Lobos, Mendez, Footwork, Jon Kwest, Dillon Francis and a couple more...

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