Are you ready for this? Cause you probably are not. As far as electro house goes, this song bangs hard AF. The Monstercat release from banger-makers Let's Be Friends, "FTW," samples from the WWE (I am not even sure what that acronym "WWE" stands for, 'cause in my day it was called the WWF, and it was a whole different game. Actually, it was exactly the same, only thing changed is the name). The screams from famous wrestlers like Triple H have a place in gigantic rings around the country and of course in the big rooms of dance floors in clubs worldwide.

Like I said, this track is electro house goodness for you all too enjoy with writhing synths that push and pull your insides apart. It premiered on and has been stirring up quite a fury since then. Like the type of fury that has big muscular men jumping from the top rope and giving The People's Elbow or smelling what The Rock is cooking or whatever Triple H's signature move is.

But hey, why all this hostility? Why can't we all just get along? Let's be friends.

For the win, "FTW."