Ron Burgundy, the Will Ferrell character at the center of the movie Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, has had a busy couple of weeks on the promotional circuit. He's been recording news broadcasts, promoting Dodge Durangos and, apparently, laying down some smooth-as-silk vocals for his hotly anticipated album, the Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues soundtrack.

Specifically, he teamed up with Robin Thicke for this rousing duet rendition of Christopher Cross's 1980 classic "Ride Like The Wind." Taking on the part of backup vocals (and perhaps some of his signature jazz flute), he provides helpful clarifications of lyrics like "I was born the son of a lawless man" ("You mean Alan Thicke?") and "my body's weak" ("yeah, 'cause you're running").

Okay, so Ron Burgundy doesn't really sing. But, look, that's through no fault of his own. He should be singing, trust him. As he eloquently argues: "Why is he singing lead? I'm much better. Is Robin sharp or am I? I think it's him." Then again, maybe Ron Burgundy isn't suited for the recording life—he does, after all, end the studio session locked in the booth, teetering on the edge of death.

Find out whether he makes it out by listening to the amazing collaboration, below:

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