Last night's Paul Rudd-hosted Saturday Night Live was not as strong as previous episodes, but decent enough to continue the streak the show's been on so far this season. As Rudd noted in his opening monologue, every time he hosts he's overshadowed by the musical guest, and it was at that early point in the show that the coolest moment of the night went down. Musical guest One Direction stormed the stage to the delighted shrieks of what sounded like one thousand girls in the NBC studio, but Rudd, not to be outdone, brought out his own "band," the Anchorman cast! Will Ferrell, Steve Carell and David Koechner strolled out to hold Paul down and together all nine of them reenacted one of the most memorable moments of the first Anchorman movie with a rousing rendition of "Afternoon Delight." Koechner even did Champ Kind's rocket sound effects towards the tail end of the song.

While it was hard for Rudd to top that, he proved once again to be a game host. The funniest skit of the night featured the return of "that sonuva bitch" Bill Brasky, although it sounds like the seemingly all 1D-demographic filled audience didn't quite appreciate it's greatness.

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