The State Vs Radric Davis: The Caged Bird Sings by Gucci Mane

— Gucci Mane (@gucci1017) December 17, 2013

Gucci Mane's The State Vs Radric Davis 2: The Caged Bird Sings (which we posted the track list for here) is a clever take on the name of Maya Angelou's autobiography I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings and his current legal issues

While Gucci has always been the poet laureate of Atlanta's trap music scene, the decision to name the album after Angelou's famous book is a little jarring at first.

Gucci's lyrics would probably have her disgusted within the first couple of seconds, if her very public falling out with Common over the use of racial epithets on a song that sampled her is any indication. But if you look deeper at one of the main themes of the book -- the transformation from the titular caged bird to a dignified and enlightened person, it becomes more clear what Gucci 'may' be trying to say.

Given his history of run-ins with the law, it's unknown if this is a statement that he'll stay out of trouble though the sentiment given on the title suggests that the "So Icey" MC is hoping to learn more from his time inside of prison. Or he'll go back to Twitter with a vengeance

Angelou won't be reciting the lyrics to "Freaky Girl" or attending a Gucci Mane release party at gentlemen's club in Atlanta when he gets out of prison, the impact of her works is immeasurable in current and future generations. Hopefully Gucci Mane will take her story of hope and use it as a personal mission statement to reform himself too when he is released in early 2014.

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