Talk about blown away. During the Butterz third birthday party back in February, they had Joker and Swindle go B2B in the mix, and lucky for those of us on this side of the Atlantic, a recording surfaced. The first tune in the mix? Absolute belter. So good that it got the obvious rewind. It carries Joker's swagger to a "T," but did you know that the tune was produced by Joker and Swindle, and is the first tune we've heard from their forthcoming release for Butterz and Kapsize as 040. Just... wow. Truly awesome. You can hear the vibes from the both of them upon repeat listenings; Swindle's got a knack for hypnotic funk, while Joker masters a certain clipped riddim... and that bass feels like it's right out of his studio. So, so awesome. Keep this one on repeat.