Favorite Song: "'Forgot About Dre.' Can we count that as an Eminem song? "Nowadays everybody want to talk like they got something to say/But nothing comes out when they move their lips." The flow is crazy. Eminem is really flow to me, because I couldn't fully relate to the shit he was talking about. He talking about different shit. I ain't want to kill my mom. My mom loved me so I couldn't really relate to him on that, but he had a crazy flow that I fucked with. Real shit."

Favorite Album: "I don't know. Eminem was out when I was young. My mom was coming in with Eminem albums and shit and I was just running with them from there."

Favorite Moment: "I say 8 Mile. That movie inspired me a lot. When he was killing shit on stage and he started rapping all the stuff about himself."