Date: September 2013

Four years after their inaugural meeting, which produced the classic line “I am a gangster, Miss Katie,” Lil Wayne and Katie Couric met again—this time for the season premiere of her talk show, Katie. 

Touching on some topics we’ve heard before, Lil Wayne discussed his family and plans to retire. Despite the familiar subject matter, we see a different Weezy sitting across from “Miss Katie.” Now an avid skateboarder, Wayne has toned down some of his gangster narrative. Perhaps the sting of jail, health scares, and focus on family have tempered him some. But the interview isn’t without a little flashback to his former self as he recants the time he prepared to bring a gun to school. A gun his mother copped for him.

The old shock of seeing Lil Wayne and Katie Couric sitting together on television is trumped by the warmth of wintessing what seems like a genuine friendship. A gangster, and a gentleman, Miss Katie. —Brandon Jenkins