Beamz had already been (literally) destroyed by deadmau5 and written off as a joke before their alignment with gentleman by the name of Grandmaster Jay ruined their reputation completely. Anyone that knew anything about music wished everything and everyone involved with this train wreck would just go away. But instead of shamefully walking away, Grandmaster Jay posted a video on his on YouTube page as evidence that he's an actual DJ. We're of the opinion that he shot himself in the foot and proved otherwise.

In what might be one of the most horrible recorded routines I've heard since, well, my routines in high school, Grandmaster Jay pulls some of the most amateur turntablism I've ever seen. Scratching without the use of the crossfader. Fumbling with his headphones. I've never seen anyone look so awkward while beat juggling. Funnily enough, comments are disabled on this video. It's been ripped and posted on DJ Fails, where you can see an overwhelming negative rating and tons of (well deserved) hate. And while we love the fact that someone is trying to keep their scene alive, it would help if they actually had some skill to bring to the table. I don't know how much longer we can keep shaking our heads at this one.

UPDATE DJ Iceman's words on Grandmaster Jay and Beamz is essential.