It's very rare that I can say "I told you so," so when I can... I'm jumping on it. Back in March we celebrated the release of the three-disc Alchemist compilation with a special Goldie Week. One of those features included a look at drum & bass artists that haven't had a Metalheadz release, but should. One of those artists was the don Dom & Roland. I was still astonished that it'd never happened (you should've seen my checks and re-checks of release websites to make sure no Dom aliases had singles on Metalheadz). Fast forward to this past summer, where a Metalheadz show on Rinse showcased a number of Metalheadz-signed Dom tunes in a tracklist. How people hadn't been going bananas over this possibility back then is beyond me. The end of July saw Metalheadz officially announce the Dom single, which featured "Unofficial Jah" and "Outa Endz," both tracks from that show on Rinse. Mind = blown.

When the 'Headz copy mentioned a "a long overdue debut release" from Dom, I could've cried. Did I will this to happen? I don't think I did. Especially with "Unofficial Jah." It links back to Goldie's "Timeless" single (remember the "Jah" portion?), but instead of Dom going all "Thunder" on the proceedings, this is more dubby, keeping with the scifi 'Headz sound to a T. Basically, it's the stuff dnb legends are made of. The sounds in this one are impeccable, and in need of repeat listens. The artwork is a thing of beauty, with a Metalheadz dub lion in proper Jamaican colors. I might need to cop this one on vinyl, just for the artwork! Look for this single to drop on November 18, but for now, revel in something that DAD *might* have had a hand in (but probably definitely didn't).

EDIT That image is not only available on a t-shirt, but on some 'Headz rolling papers.