If you haven’t heard of Lorde by now, then you’ve clearly been living under a giant soundproof rock. Whether you are (or aren’t) a fan of the 16-year-old phenomenon who hails from New Zealand, you might not know a ton about her. Like many new artists that come crashing onto the scene, Lorde is more of a name you know, than a story that's become folklore. Meanwhile, her debut single “Royals” has become her breakout song (maybe you heard it was racist too).

But Lorde is much more than the sum of her parts. She’s a burgeoning young artist that (as of right now) looks like she's destined for superstardom. From her song topics to the all-around sound of her music, Lorde is pushing the envelope of categorically "pop" music. Still, there’s much more you can know about her. So Complex is here to make things easy for you and tell you what all of the hype is about. Here are some factoids about the wunderkind presented as Everything You Need To Know About Lorde.

Written by Kathy Iandoli (@kath3000

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