Born and raised in Chicago, Nylo has always had a knack for songwriting. Before she even knew how to read sheet music, she essentially created her own code to write, and remember, songs. She started sneaking into the Methodist church she went to as a child to play the piano. After her aunt surprised her with her very own keyboard, she started to take music seriously—and then she moved to Texas. 

It wasn't too long before Nylo felt creatively stifled in Texas and ended up trekking to Los Angeles to perform in a Christmas play. She never left L.A. After months of writing for other musicians and trying to create her own music, she made Memories Speak in Spring 2012which included "Someone Like You," which Mac Miller would later sample on his latest album, Watching Movies With The Sound Off. From there, she gained the attention of music sites, first and foremost Fake Shore Drive, which she says changed her life.

Nylo would eventually sign to Epic Records and get the attention of Nas, who has referred to her as his "favorite new artist." But it's more than the co-sign. Nylo released Indigo Summer on July 16, and ever since, she's been on her way to becoming the latest soulful, R&B star. We figured it was time to find out about the voice behind Indigo Summer with Who Is Nylo? 

As told to Lauren Nostro (@LAURENcynthia) 

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