With the Yeezus Tour rolling on full steam, there has been much confusion about the actual merchandise being sold for the tour which depicts the Confederate Flag. The flag which has long meant a symbol of hatred and racial divide is emblazened on the shirts being sold on the tour, and Kanye West stopped by AMPRadio in LA to explain the decision behind it.

"React how you want," West says to host Michelle. West exclaims that "any energy is good energy" before stating that he took the idea behind the flag and transformed it into his flag. Kanye also mentions that the merchandise is doing "Metallica numbers," to describe the popularity of the items saying that the shirts are "colorless" as far as racial identity goes. The most interesting point to note is that Kanye says he takes great inspiration from Odd Future frontman Tyler, The Creator calling him an "artist, innovator, and good mentor."

Kanye also speaks at length on his soccer dad aspirations and Miley Cyrus' VMA appearance in the lengthy and informative interview.

[via AmpRadio]

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