Kanye West was interviewed by Power 106 in Los Angeles. Kanye has been in Los Angeles the last couple of days as a stop for his ongoing Yeezus tour. Of course, a majority of the interview focused on Kanye's ongoing issues with the paparazzi, with Kanye explaining more details of the lawsuit and criminal case he's facing.

He also talked about his recent engagement with Kim Kardashian, and said that he plans on having the wedding next summer. While Kanye does not have an exact date in mind, he did divulge one detail we can expect: "Fighter jets."

Kanye went on to freestyle with host Big Boy for nearly ten minutes, with both men going off the top of their head. Meanwhile, Kanye informed the crew that "Can't Tell Me Nothing" is his favorite song. He also said that there are five songs that didn't make Yeezus that might come out later on.

[via Power 106]

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