Kanye West did a second radio interview, this one with KMEL. Speaking with hosts Sana & Kimmie, Kanye explained his relationship with Kim Kardashian, and complimented her fashion taste and the success she has had with her clothing line. He also talked about beign Christian, and the importance Christianity has played in his creative process, particularly in reference to Yeezus.

The highlight of the interview came when Kanye chose to clarify his comments about being a genius that he said in his interview with Jimmy Kimmel earlier this month. According to Kanye, his genius stems from collaborating with other geniuses, and utilizing their talents to create better art. He cited Drake as an example of someone he could learn from, saying, "I'll send Drake ten tracks and ask him to write every one of those choruses."

Kanye's relationship with Drake has been ambiguous for several years, with many suspecting that the two have beef with each other. However, these rumors were cleared earlier this year, when Kanye got on stage with Drake at the 2013 OVO Fest. The following week, Drake was at the Kardashian house, sharing a family dinner. Clearly, Kanye is a fan of Drake's work, and as Drake has always said in interviews, the sentiment is mutual.

[via KMEL]

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