If you're going to be on these Internets, you need to be on these Internets, which means you need to make sure your radar is up. When weird shit hits the periphery, you need to be able to assess what the hell is going on and filter it properly. In my various travels among the information superhighway (do people still say that?), I don't think I ever fuck with USA Today. That's no slight to USA Today, they might very well have this Internets shit on lock (well, Complex does, but who's counting?). Whatever the case may be, I can't help but be surprised that Diplo premiered the lyric video for "Revolution," which is the title track from his latest EP, on USA Today. Maybe its one of those situations where Diplo and company got an opportunity to do some truly leftfield (by EDM Internets standards) shit and said "hell, who else will be able to premiere something on USA Today?" Especially when you consider that the write up of the video and EP consists of "Diplo's throwing a party and you're invited." Just saying, what the hell?