Label: Rostrum/Atlantic
Saving grace: "Black and Yellow"
Clunker: "Get Your Shit"
By the time Rolling Papers was released in 2011, Wiz was riding high (see what we did there?) off of two albums and a bevy of mixtapes highlighted by the mixtape classic Kush & Orange Juice. His status as every stoner's favorite new rapper was absolutely cemented and deserved. However, when his album dropped, a lot of the diehard fans he had accumulated over his five plus years of output weren't pleased.

Rolling Papers was attacked for being too poppy and borderline uncool. The reaction was so unanimous that in a letter to his fans, Wiz even acknowledged it was a mistake. The album wasn't a total misstep, as Wiz still plays songs like "Roll Up" and "No Sleep" live and they absolutely kill, but Wiz simply didn't deliver the album his fans wanted.Max Goldberg