From: Los Angeles, CA
Recent bangers: Earl Sweatshirt "Hive" (2013), Earl Sweatshirt "Chum," (2012) Mac Miller "The Star Room" (2013),
We've primarily known Odd Future lieutenant Earl Sweatshirt as a rapper since he arrived with 2010's "EARL." But he began dabbling in production after coming home from a Samoan facility for troubled youth a year ago. His major label debut, Doris arrived this summer with a grip of self-produced tracks attributed to a "randomblackdude." Earl seemed to hit the ground running as a producer, churning out a series of intriguing beats both on his own and with the assistance of Frank Ocean and the Cali production duo Christian Rich.

Earl's productions affixed a classicist rap air to the bleak sound blueprinted by Sweatshirt's cohort Tyler, the Creator. "Chum" centers around a loping piano figure, wrapping it in clattering boom bap drums and a faint wobbling vocal sample. "Hive" pairs swinging drums with a rubbery, sinister bassline. "Guild" lays barely audible synth drone over hyperactive drums.

Earl has shown promise in his first year as a producer, and it's exciting to see what he'll accomplish as his talents refine with time.