Learning To Produce

Mike WiLL: "When I was 15, I went to the local music store, Mars Music, and I started messing around with the MPC 2500. The people at the store showed me how to use it, and I remade Fabolous’ ‘Young’n (Holla Back)’ into a Southern joint. They asked me how long I had been making beats, and when I told them I had never made a beat, they didn’t even believe me. So I told my pop to grab me a beat machine for Christmas, and he did.

“My beats sound like they come from Mars. Every beat sounds different. I always try and make the next track harder than the last and different from the past. I’ve got tracks that are epic-sounding, then I’ve got smooth tracks and energy tracks. I’m versatile.

“With my first big check from producing, I bought some more equipment and a couple pairs of Jordans.”