If you aren't familiar with Christian Rich, it's because they've been in a studio for the last 10 years focusing most of their effort on rap and r&b.  While we posted their collaboration with Paper Diamond and Angela McCluskey in April, you should know that these twin brothers aren't pigeonholing themselves to EDM. They have produced tracks for Rye Rye, Earl Sweatshirt, Chris Brown, and N.E.R.D. recently.  Their unpredictability is absolutely exciting.

Putting a new flare onto the classic tune from Masters At Work, Christian Rich linked with Grandtheft and  take this tune to the trap.  We've known that this record has existed for a least a few months, as we heard it on Grandtheft's Diplo & Friends Mix back in May.  We've been sitting back and smirking as Grandtheft's career has skyrocketed in the past six months, and his success is well deserved.  Deciding to collaborate with a duo that's certified in the hip-hop game to make a trap remix of a house record is the yet another reason to add to the list of why we keep watching.