The details about Drake's upcoming album, Nothing Was The Same, have been trickling out slowly, but, other than speculation over which already-released tracks will make the cut, we have little idea about how it's going to sound.

Earlier this month, Rolling Stone revealed that the album will feature production from Hudson Mohawke, as well as contributions from Jay-Z and Lil Wayne. Drake also described one song, "Connect," as "one hits you in the heart" and "painful and beautiful at the same time." In a story in GQ earlier this summer, he hinted at a song called "Tuscan Leather."

Today, NahRight posted a snippet of the full upcoming Rolling Stone feature, in which go-to producer 40 and Drake share more thoughts on the album. "Tuscan Leather," which RS noted is the album opener, will include a Whitney Houston sample flipped three ways, according to 40, who also said of Drake's rapping, "It's a huge change in tone. Before, Drake was a nice guy. Here, he's stepping up the attitude and playing hardball."

Drake offered a similar take on his own evolution, speaking on another inclusion, "Paris Morton Music II," the sequel to the fan-favorite solo version of Rick Ross's "Aston Martin Music." Of that song, Drake said, "That track excites me from a rap standpoint, just getting off bars and different flows. I played it for J. Cole, on some rap buddy-buddy shit, and he was like, ‘Damn!’"

In other words, Drizzy's promise that his next albums would only get meaner wasn't an idle boast. Or maybe J. Cole is just really easily impressed. We're betting on the former.

Nothing Was The Same is out September 24.

[via NahRight]

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