During his recent live shows, UK grime producer Darq E Freaker has been making sure to drop a track he has with Danny Brown entitled "Hand Stand" in his sets. When Danny Brown tweeted a clip of this track, he informed the world know that it was forthcoming on his Fool's Gold album Old, which is said to be released in October. This was also one of the first times since 2012 that we'd heard Danny on a proper, massive grime record. Danny's had a history of working outside of the normal, "traditional" confines of hip-hop music (which you could see as part of his progression with The Hybrid). He has a flair for experimentation, and is gifted enough on the mic to find the right pockets and flows to give a beat extra life.

Don't believe us? That's fine. Take a look at some of Danny Brown's dance music collaborations, even if it's just looking at his work from 2011 through today. Here is a brief history of Danny Brown's dance music work.