Age: 21
HometownFairfield, CA
Active Since: 2013
LabelTripple Vision / EMPIRE
Twitter Handle: @SageTheGemini 

Essential Listening: Gas Pedal - The EP  
Pros: Has found success making strip club jams.
Cons: Once is lightning in a bottle, twice is luck—third time is a charm.

The Bay Area has always featured a sort of insular hip-hop culture, where MCs could get a lot of success inside the region with out having much outside of it. While Sage the Gemini fits that description, he is also poised to break out of it. Sage recently found real commercial success with his Gas Pedal EP, which charted on Billboards Top 75 R&B/Hip-Hop albums, and his singles "Gas Pedal" and "Red Nose" which broke the top 50 on iTunes. Gemini is an undeniable ladies man (you can check the thirst that populates his Youtube/Instagram comments if you need proof) as his smooth raps over self-produced strip club-ready beats skillfully attest. Sage makes a type of music that is immensely popular, so watch for him to have the next song that kills at clubs. —Max Goldberg