Age: 25
Hometown: New Orleans, LA
Active Since: 2005
Label: N/A
Twitter Handle: @3DNATEE 

Essential Listening: The Coronation
Pros: Downright impressive mic skills and a deep Rolodex of collaborators.
Cons: She's been a hit away from a breakthrough for a couple years now.

Louisiana's 3D Na'Tee caught a major career windfall when the video for her 2011 song "Switch", a winding story song where she spit nimbly over classic Timbaland productions, switching flows whenever the beat changed, came to the attention of the man (Timbaland) himself. A deal between the two was discussed but never finalized, but Na'Tee took it in stride and hunkered down, continuing to hone her craft, direct videos, and run her clothing label Business Minded Bosses. Rap's major labels are now handing out deals to women for the first time in what feels like forever in the wake of Nicki Minaj's breakthrough, and Na'Tee's monster flow is bound to lead to a breakthrough. —Craig Jenkins