What goes up, comes down.

Nothing lasts forever. Especially when it comes to rap. The newer the art form, the faster it changes, the shorter its practicioners' time at the top. No one can escape the gravitational pull of the fall-off. (Unless, to be morbid, and honest, early death preserves a star in his or her prime.) Talent waxes and wanes. Even the greatest of the greats will eventually slip. 

It's hard to know when it's coming. But there can be clues, often more obvious in retrospect—telltale signs that a rapper's relevance might be drawing to a close.

In the interest of facing reality, here are some indications that your favorite rapper is no longer at the top of his game. When it's time to wake up and smell the coffee, when you should know the end is nigh: Signs That Your Favorite Rapper Is Falling Off.

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