A career in rap is never guaranteed. Scrolling through iTunes can read like a roll call of nobodies and trivia answers. So many artists explode onto the scene with that one great song and then immediately fall off. Because of the twisted part of human nature that enjoys to see people fail, artists who only shine bright in a quick flash tend to to get more attention than those who claw their way to the top, or even to the middle. But we end that today.

That's right: Today, we celebrate the artists whose careers resemble J's on a graph, the ones who took a misstep along the way only to find themselves winning the race. It might be cliché, but this list absolutely calls for an LL Cool J quote. Maybe something along the lines of, "Don't call it a comeback." Or "I need love." Perfect. Read on for a thorough look at the best comebacks in rap history.

Written by Eric Rosenthal and Jeff Rosenthal (@ItsTheReal)

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