The lead single from TLC's smash album CrazySexyCool also became their first No. 1 hit, a slinky Dallas Austin-produced groove about a lady who knows her man is cheating so she decides turnabout is fair play, as long as she keeps it on the down-low. So she "creeps," or sneaks around.

Radiohead's song used the word "creep" in a totally different way, as a first-person lament. It was the first single the band ever released, back in 1992, but Radio 1 in England found the tune too depressing to spin. The band's label had issues with it too. But it has since become a fan favorite, and its cathartic rage rings much truer than TLC's tidier tit-for-tat confection. The late Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes objected to the song's message—threatening to wear black tape over her mouth in the video—but eventually capitulated. She'd probably rock with Radiohead too. —Rob Kenner

Winner: Radiohead