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Waka Flocka Flame has never really had much support from hip-hop purists. In the face of criticism about his lyrical skills and his style, the Atlanta rapper has always embraced his reality to the fullest, haters be damned. So it should come as very little surprise that Waka is not really feeling hip-hop that much. In an interview with the Artisan News Network, the rapper said, "Musically, I do hip-hop, but I'm not a hip-hop fan." He went on to add, somewhat blasphemously, "I can't even tell you where hip-hop started."

So what is inspiring Waka these days?

"I want to tap into house, electric, EDM... everything," he said. "I don't want to be stuck in a refrigerator." This has led him to work with Diplo and Flosstradamus recently, amongst others.

Outside of music, the Atlanta native is trying to get into philanthropy, but is meeting a bit of resistance. He is currently working on building a YMCA in his neighborhood, but apparently in order to build an Olympic-sized swimming pool, one needs to take out a hefty insurance package. Meanwhile, he is charging full-speed ahead at launching a cartoon series with Adult Swim and Cartoon Network. He has written the series but so far nothing is official.

The best part of the interview might be the conclusion, where the reporter announces that Waka's most recent release was Flockaveli 2, which she says came out January 2013. As of this time, that album, scheduled to be Flocka's third, has not yet come out. However, he did just drop his DuFlocka Rant Halftime Show mixtape.

[via The Smoking Section]

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