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So this is strange. At 10:17 p.m. EST we were expecting a Chief Keef (the recent addition to Brick Squad 1017) and Gucci Mane collaboration to drop...

...But at exactly that time, the new Waka Flocka Flame (the recent subtraction from Brick Squad 1017) mixtape came out (which you can download below).

Oh well. Another day, another rap mystery. We're not sure what kind of game Flocka is playing here, but maybe the content of the tape will give us some clues. Aside from that, Waka had been hilariously tweeting the POTUS in the minutes preceding the release, but we're pretty sure that Barack is team Gucci-Keef (he did spend a decent amount of time in Chiraq).

Also check out Waka Flocka Flocka on Complex TV's The Combat Jack Show Ep. 1 below. 

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