Body count: 6
Best threat: "For all of those, who wanna profile and pose/Rock you in your face, stab your brain with your nose bone"
Album: The Infamous
Producer: Havoc
Label: Loud, RCA, BMG

Marking their graduation from roughneck teenage rappers into a powerhouse New York hip-hop duo, the remix of "Shook Ones" showcased Havoc and Prodigy as accomplished masters of their field. Bringing raw aggression and an air of menace to proceedings through the impact of the production and the vocal performances, this song has the power to make even the meekest of cowards to puff out their chest and walk with a diddy bop. It's no surprise that many lines have since been mined for hooks with timeless bars like, "When the slugs penetrate you feel a burning sensation/Getting closer to God in a tight situation." Do you feel all alone in these streets yet, cousin?