Yeah, we know everyone is tuned into the Kanye show right now, but Treach quietly (well, not really) dropped a bomb regarding Naughty By Nature's future. Not too long ago, he revealed that Vin Rock had been given the boot from the group:

Zero punches were pulled; zero fucks were given. The onslaught continued:

...that leaves zero room for interpretation. Naughty By Nature is in the midst of a tour commemorating the 20th anniversary of 19 Naughty III and "Hip Hop Hooray," and Treach just tweeted about a pre-Cinco de Mayo performance in Miami over the weekend. Earlier today, Vinnie posted the not-so-crypric message above to Instagram that indeed seems to indicate a departure of some sort. It was all good just a few days ago—for the love of God, what the hell happened? 

In February, we talked to Treach about a previous break the group took before reuniting after the 2008 VH1 Hip-Hop Honors, and he acknowledged that sometimes, groups need a period of separation just to keep their sanity. Fans are now left to wonder what happened to push tensions to the max within the iconic group. Either way you slice it, Naughty By Nature is one of hip-hop's most important groups.

Say it ain't so, guys.

[via Twitter]

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