Okay, to be fair, Rick Ross and Gucci Mane love walking around shirtless. All the time. 

But, DJ Khaled usually keeps it classy, sporting an endless array of plain T-Shirts. But not this time. He's suffering from success and we're suffering right there with him.

The photo is captioned: My pain has never been told #sufferingfromsuccess the album coming soon#wethebestmusic #weoutchea #nonewfriends 

Success is so painful.

We thought the #nonewfriends hashtag was annoying—everyone's tweeting "Trust no bitch #nonewfriends." Yet, Khaled took it up a notch with this whole "#sufferingfromsuccess" movement and now everytime someone gets something nice, we have to hear about how they're #suffering.

Are we right, #tastemakers?

And make sure to peep those comments—they are hilarious.

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