DJ Khaled is a very busy man, who always seems to be working with an assortment of artists on various projects. Today he took some time out of his busy schedule to bring his Instagram followers into a very intimate moment of himself enjoying a bubble bath; Yes, a bubble bath. A picture of this much greatness can, in fact, be broken down. For Instance: 

1. Who took this photo for Khaled? Is being Khaled's go-to bathtub photographer part of Ace Hood's record deal? 

2. Is DJ Khaled the only person in the music industry using bath salts how they are intended to be used? We have heard they really do make a bubble bath lovely. 

3. He told Elliott Wilson, Miss Info, Karen Civil and MTV to #BlogThis. Hope you're happy, Khaled. 

4. Khaled said he is #SufferingFromSuccess. We're not as interested in success as we were 20 minutes ago. 

5. Khaled forgot to hide his Blackberry. Come on Khaled! How much success do you need to have to get an iPhone? 

Hey, rappers, let's keep these ridiculous photos going.

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