Stacked lineups at festivals can be a gift and a curse. Sure, you have the opportunity to see a grip of today's brightest talents mixing the freshest tracks for you and scores of people who are into it just as much as you are. The problem? There's five stages, with DJs dropping hour-long sets (two if they're lucky, more if they're Carl Cox), and the conflicting schedules can cause issues. That's why it's best to have a game plan... and that's where DAD comes in.

While we feel that the majority of this lineup for the 2013 EDC New York is solid, there are definitiely some key acts you need to be making sure you catch, from the up-and-coming selectors to the tried and true legends. We've selected 21 acts that, damn it, you should at least catch 20 minutes of. We've also made sure to include which day, stage, and the times of their sets, so prior proper planners cna have their itinerary ready before hitting Citi Field, as well as an example of why this acts is as good as we say they are. The work is all done, now the choice is yours.