Astrophonica's own Fracture has been a student of the deep jungle era; you can hear it in his tracks. He's been slowly building his catalog over the last decade, and he's finally reached a pinnacle: Metalheadz has signed a limited-edition 12" single from Fracture, to be released on April 8.

To kick this release off, Fracture's got "Better Than Tomorrow." As the story goes, Goldie was on a plane to Australia, and must have been going through a number of tracks he'd been sent. Upon hearing "Better Than Tomorrow," Goldie personally hit Fracture with the following message: "Im pulling out my teeth wanting to beat the guy next to me with a Snare and 10" dubplate !!!! This is one of the most original things I've heard in a long while! I HAVE to have this on Headz!!" With the sheer volume of methodical, darkside funk that it contains, you'll see Goldie was right:

For the flipside, Fracture's "Gangbusters" isn't nearly as brooding as the A-side, but it's just as intriguing. Atop a bed of 808s, Fracture layered some deep subs and impressing breakbeats:

You can pre-order this single now. Actually, you better pre-order it now, as we don't see this one sitting idle.