If you love music—especially R&B—then tonight's probably going to be a rough night for you, as you likely aren't one of the lucky ones in New York City who are going to The Music of Prince at Carnegie Hall

The concert, a tribute to the R&B/rock god himself, features everyone from Elvis Costello to Talib Kweli to, yes, D'Angelo paying tribute to Prince, with The Roots serving as the house band, and Questlove serving as the Master of Ceremonies, more or less. And you're probably really agonizing over this if you missed Questo and D'Angelo's recent Brooklyn Bowl performance, where they covered Prince's "New Position."

But we've got a small consolation prize for you, a tiny piece of music history and cover song genius that most people have long forgotten about: That time D'Angelo, Questlove, and Raphael Saadiq teamed up in 1997 for—yes—the Scream 2 soundtrack, to cover Prince's "She's Always In My Hair." With a little Questlove rap in it, for good measure.

Take a listen (and if you don't have Spotify, you might be able to hear the extended version here), and take away a few things:

1. The 90s were crazy, especially about cover songs.

2. There are a lot of people who could cover a Prince song and have it rightfully considered a travesty. These three aren't any of those people.

3. It really, really sucks that we, you, and everyone who loves great music cannot go to this concert. Sorry, but...it's true. 

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