Producer: Jermaine Dupri, Bryan-Michael Cox
Album: So So Def Presents: Definition of a Remix
Label: So So Def

"Just with my remixes, people started saying 'Jermaine's remixes changed.' The way I started making remixes, I would actually redo the song. Today when people do remixes, they don't do nothing to the beats, they just put ten rappers on a record. That's supposed to be a remix. You got to change the whole track. You got to go into a world that remakes the song.

"I was just starting to go deep into what remixes were. The challenging part was that I had just done the 'In My Bed (Remix)' for Dru Hill, and that wasn't a So So Def group. It felt kind of crazy that, here I am, I create a remix for a group that's not So So Def, and it's a male group. They're in direct competition to Jagged Edge, and they get a number one record. So now it's like, here's your group, what are you going to do with them?

"So I had to go into the studio and really come up with something. We got to come up with something that is amazing. Being a DJ allowed me to understand that if I put a faster beat on a slower record, it'll work. Only a DJ would know that. It just automatically went with the words."