Atlanta's Kriss Kross comes back to perform their canon of hits, “Warm It Up”, “Jump” and “Live & Die For Hip Hop” for So So Def's reunion concert. Unfortunately, they didn't get to the cult classic: "Rugrats Rap." With sartorial choices that spawned lines from later rappers like Eminem's "I knocked her clothes backwards like Kriss Kross" and Tyler, the Creator's "I'm backwards like Jermaine Dupri in '93," at least one of the pair did not disappoint tonight, sporting jeans the way most would consider a mistake. 

This concert was supposed to be the first time Kriss Kross met Bow "Mr. 106 & Park" Wow, so perhaps Mac Daddy and Daddy Mac were able to impart some old-school wisdom on the young show host who has hitherto worn his pants zipper-side forward.

[via RapRadar]