Jermaine Dupri might not have a distinct production signature like his contemporaries The Neptunes, but that might also be the reason for his monumental success. On a recent trip to New York to promote the So So Def reunion show, the legendary producer stopped by the Complex offices for a short visit to discuss the production behind some of his landmark releases.

In person, Dupri is a restless presence. He stays in constant motion, switching between his phone and iPad without losing the train of conversation. He was soon off for another interview, so as a result, we only captured around half of the rapper-producer's hits, which is as much a statement about the breadth of his catalog as it is about time pressures.

Jermaine Dupri didn't just produce great rap music; he produced great R&B and pop music, as well, and a few times, songs that qualified as all three.

Bounce with us and the man behind the hits. These are the secrets to Jermaine Dupri's biggest records.

As told to David Drake (@somanyshrimp)

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