Things got crazy Monday, and quickly, between Lil B and Joey Bada$$. First, Lil B released his diss record "I'm The Bada$$," a direct shot at Joey on wax. Then, they squared off on Twitter, talking breezy to each other, which led to an abundance of RT's. Finally, later that night, only hours after the initial diss, Joey responded with his own diss song, the Lee Bannon-produced "Don't Quit Your Day Job," to round out a healthy day of rap feuding.  

In this new interview with MTV, Joey spoke on the Lil B diss, saying it was Bannon's idea, and that he didn't have to respond, but it was "too easy" to put together, and that he retaliated "twice as hard." He added, "Why not? I'm just flexing my skill on him."

Will Joey make another diss record aimed at Lil B? He says the answer is no. "I killed him. He shouldn't even attempt to do anything again."

[via MTV