Joey Bada$$ Responds to Lil B with Diss Track "Don't Quit Your Day Job"

Joey retaliates.

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We were wondering how this one would proceed. Lil B had been taunting Brooklyn's Joey Bada$$ all day, putting out a diss track aimed at the Pro Era spitter and going back and forth with him on Twitter. And now, only hours later, Joey retaliates, rapping over a sample of Janet Jackson's "That's The Way Love Goes." Listen to Joey's Lil B diss track "Don't Quit Your Day Job" below.

Listen: Joey Bada$$ "Don't Quit Your Day Job" (Lil B Diss)

UPDATE: The two continue to spar on Twitter, check out the most recent tweets below.

my son @joeybadass_ hard thoo i see ya REAL HIP HOP - Lil B
@lilbthebasedgod U asked for it #PROERA47



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